Vashti School of Future Leaders

Lead out Loud Mentoring Programs

Who We Are

 The Vashti School for Future Leaders is an oasis of love and hope for the community.Our focus is to nurture the spiritual and strengthen the mental development of our young people.

Our process consists of a three technique program grounded in a counseling centered approach to mentoring which assists our scholars in discovering and achieving their personal as well as professional goals.

Our goal is to develop model citizens and future leaders.

Our mission is to use the spiritual principles to teach Love of God, Love of Self and Love for Others.

Our services

The Lead out Loud Mentoring Groups  utilize our 3 Component mentoring technique combining (1) group mentoring with (2) peer mentoring and (3) one to one mentoring which makes our program truly unique.  This program is designed for a 12 month relationship that includes all three aspects within that year.

Within the 12 months we conduct weekly meetings, workshops, local trips and community service events. The culmination of the group mentoring portion of the program is a Fall Grand Ball.

 We focus on the following areas during our group mentoring process:

  • Leadership  Skills                                        
  • Environmental & Cultural Sensitivity
  • Community Service Appreciation
  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Etiquette Development​
  • Self-esteem  Achievement
  • STEAM Training

Yoga Class

Splash Party

Tea Party

Peer Mentoring with the Kean Women of Excellence

Jewelry Making Class

Crocheting Workshop

Portfolio Workshop

Painting Class

Vashti Pledge

Dance Rehearsal for the Grand Ball

African Dance Class

Birthday Celebration