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Lead out Loud Outreach Program

The Vashti School of Future Leaders has been helping young girls to discover their inner strength, talents, and beauty. Every year dedicated volunteers—including faith leaders, educators, and other caring adults—provide spiritual guidance and mentorship and expose the girls to enriching educational and career opportunities.

 Last year we hosted our annual celebration developed to benefit girls of color who reside in Newark and the surrounding areas. The 10th Anniversary Ball will be held October 28, 2017, at the DoubleTree Hotel in Newark, New Jersey. At the Ball sponsors and attendees enjoyed an exciting program featuring music and dance. Along with highlights about the various paths the exceptional young women will soon be embarking upon to pursue their own goals of leadership and service. 

 The Vashti School is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, geared to assist  in the development of young women. This mentoring program for young women, is modeled after the exceptional “Lead out Loud Program” developed by Nicole L. Washington. 

Due to an overwhelming demand for our independent mentoring programs, we decided to continue our model and  began a mentoring component for boys in September 2017. In addition we are sharing our Lead out Loud Model with faith based organizations and local schools.

​For more information about the Lead out Loud Outreach program and the services we provide please contact us via email