Vashti School of Future Leaders

Lead out Loud Mentoring Programs

What are the requirements to become a mentor? 

The Vashti School's screening process is as follows. Before being match with a child the following items must be completed:

  • Complete an Application
  • Clean background & drug test
  • Reference check
  • Valid Identification (2 forms)
  • 4 hours training class
  • 1 year commitment 

*What Is a Mentor?   

The story of Mentor comes from Homer's Odyssey. Odysseus, king of Ithaca, fights in the Trojan War and entrusts the care of his household to Mentor, who serves as teacher and overseer of Odysseus' son, Telemachus.

*How Do I Know the Program Is Safe?

We know that you’re putting your trust in our program and in the mentor we assign to your child. For over 10 years, we have been in the business of finding qualified, safe, and dedicated adults who truly want to make a difference in the lives of young people.

Everyone who wants to be a volunteer mentor begins by filling out an extensive application and has at least one interview with a staff member. Candidates go through a screening process that includes a criminal history back­ground check using local and national resources. We also gather driving records and talk to personal references and employers.


*Who Serves as Mentors?

Mentors are as varied as the people in our community, but they all share in their desire to make a positive differ­ence in the life of a young person. Nationally, 18 percent of all volunteers — 11.5 million Americans — are involved in some kind of mentoring activity with young people. Many volunteer mentors are young people them­selves, but over 40 percent are between the ages of 41 and 59. Mentors are likely to be working full time, taking time from their workday to volunteer.

Mentoring Frequently Asked Questions

*What Is My Role in the Mentoring Relationship?

The friendship that is developed between a mentor and mentee is a special relationship just for them, but you have an important role in helping that relationship be successful. 

*Why Does My Child Need a Mentor?

All children need the support of caring adults in order to be successful, not only within their family but at school and in their communities. Growing up isn’t easy, and there are many roadblocks along the way that can cause difficulties for children. Sometimes parents don’t have all the answers, and sometimes children need someone out­side the family with whom to share their thoughts. Having a vari­ety of people positively involved in a child’s life pro­vides her with new opportunities and experiences that will help her grow and gain self confidence. 


*A Resource for U.S. Department of Education Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools Mentoring Programs Patti MacRae & Michael Garringer  2006